Monday, March 14, 2011

Orange You Glad I'm Posting This??????????

So, today post is going to be all about ORANGE! 
So, I have always loved the color orange. But mainly I have always focused it in my clothes,jewelry or nail polish selections. I had never thought to put it on my face. Now, I am quite a fan of orange eyeshadows (if done right), but I hardly ever wear any shadow as it is so I am not the person to experiment with it. I would probably end up looking clownish. But I am definately loving orange lipsticks and orange blush colors! For my skin tone, darker "burnt" oranges look best. I am not confident enough to test out neons or super pale orange! As far as orange blush goes, I also like medium to dark color oranges. Just me personally though. Cosmetic companies make a whole slew of orange shades in blush and lipsticks. I encourage you to try this out! Especially with summer quickly approaching I think this look is so beautiful! Here are some pictures of models wearing orange colored cheeks and lips. At the bottom, I gave you two pictures of my favorite way to way orange makeup. At the top is my personal collection of orange/coral blushes which I plan on expanding on in the future! Enjoy!

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