Monday, March 14, 2011

Olay comes out with a cheaper version of the coveted Clarisonic.

So because I am an pro-skin care, almost to the point of obsessive I was highly interested when I first heard about the "amazing,life changing Clarisonic". It was marketed as a total life changing skin care system. Because I am always looking for something to give me extra perfect skin I quickly put this on my "to get list". But seeing as the price tag for the Clarisonic is upwards of $200 depending on where you go, it was always put off. I would always play with the display in Sephora and secretly wonder how my skin would transform if I had this beauty in my possession. It was probably a month ago I saw in ad in a magazine for the new Olay Cleansing System. I became so excited because it looked so much like the Clarisonic but obviously since this is a drugstore brand, it would be significantly cheaper! At the first chance I got, I started searching drugstores for this item. It took me a while to find it but about a week and a half I finally found it! I have never used a Clarisonic so my opinion is clearly biased. The Olay Cleansing System is absolutely amazing. Now, I already had very clear skin with a even skin tone. But I tend to have medium sized pores around my nose and I have problems with some dry patches that exfoliating never seems to get rid of. In just a few days I can honestly say this product deep cleans my skin like I have never felt before. I use it with a deep cleaning Neutrogena exfoliating wash and I use this product for about 3 or 4 mins in the shower (its water safe!) and it brightens up my skin, shrinks my pores and makes my skin so baby soft and clear! It has also slightly lightened up a small scar I have on my cheekbone from about a year ago.I highly recommend this for anyone looking into purchasing The Clarisonic. Like I said, I have never used a Clarisonic but the amazing results I have gotten from this Olay product is definitely worth checking out! The Olay Cleansing System is around $30. Go check it out!

A New Cheaper Version of Clarisonic????


  1. How much is this one? I have been wanting it since I heard there was a cheaper one, but I wasn't sure. If you love it, I'm sure I will

  2. Going to definitely try it.... I have always had bad acne and just face the facts about it. Most products make my skin extra oily which is why I was told not to ex foliate. Is there any other product you can use with this product that would not have such a high ex foliating scrub, like maybe the oil-free face wash from Sephora, would that work just as good?

  3. Hi Sheena my love!!!!!! the times I dont want to exfoliate I use the St.Ives olive cleanser. its moisturizing without feeling greasy after you wash. Its very very gentle. I also like Clean and Clear Deep Cleanser. Its just a cream wash but deep cleans pores like no other! My face tingles for about half an hour after I use it. I love the way it makes me feel like my skin is 100% clean.