Monday, February 28, 2011

My favorite nail polishes of the moment

Here are my current favorite nail polishes! My favorite nail polishes are constantly changing, so I will continue to update my blog maybe every month or every other month with colors I am loving currently! Enjoy! Tell me your favorite nail polish colors!
China Glaze "For Audrey" (an exact color match for Tiffany blue jewelry boxes!)

China Glaze "Grape Juice"

Sally Hansen "Candy Corn" (perfect spring/summer orange!)

Revlon "Gray Suede" (my perfect nude color)

Revlon "Cloud"(beautiful lilac/pale blue)

OPI Katy Perry "Teenage Dream"

OPI Katy Perry "Not Like The Movies"(duo chrome)
NYXGirls "Chocolate Mouse" (perfect brown!)

Betsey Johnson earring/ring collection

So I wear earrings pretty much everyday. I am not too big on braclets or necklaces but earrings I love. I like unique earrings. I wear a lot of black so I like to accessorize with colorful/quirky earrings. Betsey Johnson makes the absolute best unique earrings! I always get compliments/questions when I wear any of these. They are extremely affordable, none of these cost more than $10 online. I plan to continue adding to my Betsey Johnson jewelry collection. She makes unique rings that I am dying to get! Hope you guys enjoy!

Most amazing ring ever! I bought to either wear on ring/pinkie finger. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My current hair obsessions

So I have never been that crazy in to my hair like some girls I know. I don't use hair spray, I don't backcomb, I don't use volume mouse, don't use bumpits lol, ect ect. The only things I see spending a good bit of money on is getting color and cuts professionally. Other than that, I don't use that many high end high products. Most of you know I have the CURLIEST hair known to man. Its extremely coarse, curly and dry. Over the years I have experimented with what will keep my curls soft when I wear it curly, and what will keep my hair straight and shiny when I straighten it. My hair is either curly and pulled up into a top knot, ponytail or up do kinda thing or its straight and down. I am just not that in to wearing it different ways. But, here are a few inexpensive products I have recently found that have replaced my other products. I will never ever again use anything but these! 

#1) One 'N Only Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil, Mask (7$ each, Sally's Beauty Supply)
This stuff is AMAZING! Regular Argan/Moroccan Oil at a salon would cost you about 25$ for each. This stuff is the exact same and only 7$!!! I threw away all my other shampoo/conditioner/oils because this line is by far the best. It makes my hair so shiny, soft, detangled, manageable and my curls dry to a defined curl. Not frizzy! I recommend to anyone who wants soft manageable hair! I will never buy anything else!

#2) Hair One Cleansing Conditioner (11$, Sally's Beauty Supply)
Some of you may have heard or seen on websites or infomercials about WEN hair cleanser. Basically its a shampoo/conditioner cleanser that is supposed to be all the rave. It deep cleans your hair, getting rid of any oils, or hair product residue. For a bottle of WEN its about 30$. This stuff is 11$ and THE EXACT SAME THING. I use it twice a week in place of the Argan oil shampoo/conditioner and my hair has never felt so clean and fresh. It eliminates frizz completely. I love love love it. Only using it twice a week makes sure all the argan oil, and styling products are removed but it doesn't strip my hair by using it every time I wash. I highly recommend if you have been curious or tempted to try WEN. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cute, easy Valentines Day cuppy cakes!

What you will need: red fruit rolls ups, frosting, cupcake mix, green fruit rollups or green fruit by the foot. Make cupcakes any flavor you want, make them as normal, leave to sit and cool off. 

Cut your red fruit rolls ups into small "petals", cutting them into circles or crescents works great too. I would say do 4 or 5 petals for every cupcake, decide on how many cupcakes you want roses on. Cut as many red fruit roll ups into petal shapes as you need. 

This is quite easy. Roll the first petal tightly, then continue to add on petals wrapping them around each other. I only used 5 petals to make this rose. VERY EASY!

This is what they should look like finished. 

Take scissors and cut the base of the rose off. Making it easier to lay on top of the cupcake. 

Frost cupcakes however you wish, I used white icing and put some edible pearls on top as well. Cut small triangles out of your green fruit roll up, place on cupcake then add the rose bud! You can push down on the top of the rose to "fan out" the petals making look a little more realistic!

I give this an easy Thumbs Up!!! I also decorated other cupcakes using pink icing into small flowers with edible pearls on top.  These rose cupcakes are so so so easy! Happy Valentines Day everyone! Enjoy! Let me know if you try these out!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review on Covergirl New Lipsticks!!!!!!

Covergirl recently came out with a new line of lipsticks called Lip Perfection Lip Sticks. Basically they are gel based, so they go on very creamy and smooth but kinda of "stain" your lips so it stays on for hours upon hours. I only have 2, bought them a while ago but never used them until this past week. 

OMG!!! They are so amazing! They are so smooth, rich and creamy it feels like silk gliding on your lips. I love the way lipsticks smell, and these smell lovely! In the store where I bought them, I believe they only had about 12 shades but on the covergirl website it states there are 40 shades total in the collection. Varying from nudes/browns to pinks/mauves to berrys/reds. Pretty much a color for everyone! The packaging feels very high end, and I love that on the bottom it has a block of color showing you the color of the lipstick! So easy to pick out from my makeup collection now without taking the tops off! I wanna get so many more of their colors now! I believe mine only cost about $5 or $6. Which is amazing for a drugstore lipstick that I prefer over some of my higher end ones. These lipsticks also come in different "finishes" so some are frosty, some of glossy, some are pearly, ect. GO TRY THEM OUT!!!!!! If you love lipstick, run dont walk to your nearest drugstore ladies!


These are the two shades I have......and I want them all!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Favorite "Natural" Nude Lipsticks

These are my favorite "natural nude" lipsticks of my collection. I have about 20 different variations of the same light mauve color. I have very pigmented lips so my "nude" is kind of a mauve/pink color. I am not a fan of the concealer looking nude lipsticks. On me, it looks horrible! So these are the lipsticks I reach for when I am going for a natural lip look. 4 MAC, 1 Nars, and 1 Maybelline. I tried taking pics of my lips with the colors on but it looked horribly washed out and blurry. So I googled some images of the colors on lips. Maybe next week I will do my favorite red lipsticks and favorite "pink" lipsticks. I dont really wear hot or light pink lipsticks, but I have a love for bright fuschia! Enjoy this ladies!  
MAC "Patisserie" a Lustre

MAC "Jubilee" a Lustre

MAC "Mellow Mood" an Amplified

MAC "Hug Me" a Lustre (My fav lipstick!!!!)

NARS "Cruisin" with a clear gloss over

Maybelline "Nearly There" (best drugstore nude IMO)

From R to L: Patisserie,Jubilee,MellowMood,HugMe,Cruisin,NearlyThere


Yesterday my good friend Sheena and I skipped off to LUSH at Ala Moana. LUSH is probably my favorite guilty pleasure. The store smells so amazing and has such fun girly products! If you love skin care, bubble baths, unique smelling body wash or anything that smells like roses you will adore LUSH. Some stuff is pretty over priced, but most of what I get is fairly inexpensive and lasts a while. Heres what I got!!!!! I have a whole basket in my bathroom devoted to my LUSH stuff...i'll insert a picture at the bottom of the post of my LUSH collection :) Enjoy!   (With all Bubble Bars, I break off chunks....I do not use the whole product at once)
"Magic Mushroom" Bubble Bars. $4.95   (vanilla and cream scented) Lasts 4 baths

"Ma Bar" Bubble Bar $7.95 (Chocolate Toffee Citrus Scented) Lasts 4 baths

"The Comforter" Bubble Bar $9.95 (Blackberry and cream scented) Lasts 6 baths

"Strawberry Fields" Massage Bar $6.95 (strawberry and cream scent) Lasts 6 baths

"Creamy Candy" Bubble Bar $7.95 (Sweet Candy scented) Lasts 4 baths

"Each Peach" Massage Bar $7.95 (Lemon Peach scent) Lasts 6 baths