Thursday, February 3, 2011

Favorite "Natural" Nude Lipsticks

These are my favorite "natural nude" lipsticks of my collection. I have about 20 different variations of the same light mauve color. I have very pigmented lips so my "nude" is kind of a mauve/pink color. I am not a fan of the concealer looking nude lipsticks. On me, it looks horrible! So these are the lipsticks I reach for when I am going for a natural lip look. 4 MAC, 1 Nars, and 1 Maybelline. I tried taking pics of my lips with the colors on but it looked horribly washed out and blurry. So I googled some images of the colors on lips. Maybe next week I will do my favorite red lipsticks and favorite "pink" lipsticks. I dont really wear hot or light pink lipsticks, but I have a love for bright fuschia! Enjoy this ladies!  
MAC "Patisserie" a Lustre

MAC "Jubilee" a Lustre

MAC "Mellow Mood" an Amplified

MAC "Hug Me" a Lustre (My fav lipstick!!!!)

NARS "Cruisin" with a clear gloss over

Maybelline "Nearly There" (best drugstore nude IMO)

From R to L: Patisserie,Jubilee,MellowMood,HugMe,Cruisin,NearlyThere


  1. I am obsessed with the nude lip look....I love it!

  2. I have no clue why I am OBSESSED with lipstick now. I used to own maybe 3 lipsticks total and never wore them. Then suddenly something changed in my brain and I was like....must.have.lipsticks.now!!!! MAC makes the best lipsticks in my opinion. But they are so darn expensive, I normally look for them on ebay or settle for drugstore ones cause its hard for me to justify spending 20$ on a freaking lipstick.

  3. Yeah I'm the same way. I have 2938643764872 lip glosses because people always seem to give me them as gifts, but I'm into lipstick right now as well. I got some free ones from my friend but we don't get to pick the colors when they are free so I get what I get.