Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Below is MACs new promo poster for their new "Quite Cute" Collection. Its probably no real shock that I love MAC! In my opinion they have the absolute best blushes and lipsticks ever. They have amazing eyeshadows as well but I dont wear eyeshadow very often so I dont really care about that hehe. I am BEYOND obsessed with their new collection. I am planning on getting all 3 mineralized blushes because they are so "cute"! I also am planning on getting 2 of the lipsticks. The light peach color and the hot pink. The others look pretty but are not too wearable in my opinion. Hope your excited too for all you MAC lovers! Collection comes out on April 7th!

(L to R) Blushes,nail polishes, eyelashes
Lipsticks, glosses, lip pencils, eyeshadow quads, liner, mascaras
Mineralized Blushes

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Experiment with Biotin and Coconut Oil

Biotin is a vitamin that promotes healthy, strong hair and healthy strong nails. It also promotes hair and nail growth. I will be taking 2,500-5,000 mgs a day for the next few months. I got Biotin pills at GNC for a reasonable price. In addition I will continue taking my prenatals (not for pregnancy but for strong hair and nails). 

I also recently bought Coconut Oil at a Health Food store here. The benefits from Coconut oil are insane! It makes hair so so so so soft and manageable! My hair easily breaks because having such curly hair is dries out easily. Using coconut oil and argan oil together is like a dream for my hair! It blow dries so straight, conceals split ends and my straightener glides right through because it is so freaking soft! 

My goal here is get the healthiest, longest, strongest hair possible. Without any of these remedies, my hair grows faster than the average persons. My hair grows about 3/4inch to 1inch every 4-5 weeks. Pretty fast. But since the ends are dry and break off, it typically appears the same length. I am hoping after using these products my hair will grow 1 1/2 inch a month now. (yes, kinda of a stretch!) LOL. But I can dream, right!? I will update every 4 weeks on my blog as to the results I am getting. I will measure how long my hair is on the 1st of every month. Hoping this works for me so that I can give the green light to all you ladies trying to grow your hair out! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

9 Most Used Products

Moisturizer: Missha BB Cream 

Foundation/Powder: MAC Studio Fix Powder

Concealer: Bare Minerals Well Rested

Blush: MAC "Style"

Highlight: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

Lipstick: Neutrogena "Just Whisper"

Nail Polish: OPI "Dating A Royal"

Perfume: Ralph Lauren Summer Romance

Eyeshadow: Stila "Kitten"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Preview of Sally Hansen (drugstore brand) new Spring/Summer Collection Available Soon!

Soon (hopefully this month) Sally Hansen will be debuting two new Spring/Summer nail polish collections. I am pretty much foaming at the mouth for some of these colors. LOL. I added pics of both collections....plus added a caption underneath each picture saying which ones I plan on scooping up ASAP. Hope this gets you girls excited for colorful nail polishes! Keep an eye out at your local drug store for these beauties! 
Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Collection.
I plan on getting the purple,light blue,coral,baby pink and beige color from this collection!

Prabal Gurung Collection For Sally Hansen.
I plan on getting the metallic silver, baby pink and bright blue colors!

Hurry Up Sally Hansen and release these collections in stores! Im dying to get these colors out of the bottles and on my nails! :)


So it is probably no surprise I love love love nail polish, nail art, and pretty much everything nails! I have included some new polishes I have picked up for spring. With details, and names on each. Plus some tips I have for manicures, my favorite remover and top coats, plus tips for growing long strong nails! If you guys like these types of posts, I will update occasionally with new tricks and creations I have found or come up with, also new polish I purchase and cheaper versions I have discovered! ENJOY LADIES!
(L to R) OPI Simmer and Shimmer, OPI Extrava-Ganza, Sally Hansen Gray by Gray, OPI  Dating A Royal

(L to R) OPI Whats With The Cattitude?,OPI Jade Is The New Black,China Glaze Secret Periwinkle, Essie Tarte Deco

Cheap awesome glitters!(L to R) Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter, Frenzy, Hottie. Sonia Kashuk Violetta (all at Target)
OPI Last Friday Night is $9, Sinful Colors in Hottie is $2.99. EXACT SAME COLOR! Cheaper version! :)

Pure Acetone Polish remover is the best!, ROCK HARD is the best base coat for very strong nails, My Favorite top coats that are super shiny and dry quickly are Sally Hansen Mega Shine and Seche Vite. Everything but the Mega Shine can be found at Sallys Beauty Supply. 

Best way to remove glitter polish! Normally glitter on nails is a pain to remove! I saturate a cotton ball with remover, then wrap them around each nail with a small piece of tin foil around my finger. Leave for 5 minutes. When you pull foil off, all the glitter is gone! No hard work needed! :)

My tip/trick for painting and not getting any polish on skin or cuticles......place a small piece of tape on edge of nails. Simple and effective until you master painting perfectly!
Japanese Cherry Blossoms


(disclaimer: I find different ways to paint my nails from nail polish/nail art blogs or youtube videos) 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going Vegetarian and Gluten Free.

Going Vegetarian and Gluten Free is something I have thought a ton about over the last few months. I have researched and combed over tons of gluten websites, trying to decide if this was for me or not. I have been wanting to have a diet change for a while. If you know me well, you know my eating habits are so strange. Most days, I eat 1 meal a day with a few snacks in the evening. This has been my routine for years. I dont like eating breakfast, and around lunch time normally I am too busy doing other things or out running errands to eat. If I am out of the house all day, the only thing I will have is a Starbucks drink. Yes, horrible I know!

When I was younger I was always a fan of meat. Many times my Mother tried to delete meat from our families diet but somehow it always cam creeping back in and I loved it. I loved steak,chicken,beef,pork! No fish though! (Seafood+Me=a whole other can of worms lol). 
In the last I would say 5 or 6 years, slowly I have begun to not like the taste of any meat. I will make chicken for dinner for my husband and I, but all I will end up eating is the potatoes or green beans on the side. Meat is becoming a torture for me to eat. I find it disgusting now for some reason. So instead of me continuously buying tons of meat at the grocery store but never fixing it because I dont want it, I am going to just send my husband to get whatever meat he wants and I will shop for other vegetarian type things.

I dont want to go into a whole explanation of Gluten and being Gluten free. If you would like to know more, there are TONS of websites with all the info. A strict gluten-free diet means no oats, wheat, rye, barley, or malt flavorings. I am doing this for digestive purposes. All my life I have had a really screwed up digestive track. I wont go into the gory,gross details, but as I get older its getting worse. 

I am excited about this new phase in my life. I am hoping I can stick to it, but I find with me, if there is a reason I am doing something I normally stick it out. Rather than choosing to change my diet "for fun" or because its a "fad". 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Olay comes out with a cheaper version of the coveted Clarisonic.

So because I am an pro-skin care, almost to the point of obsessive I was highly interested when I first heard about the "amazing,life changing Clarisonic". It was marketed as a total life changing skin care system. Because I am always looking for something to give me extra perfect skin I quickly put this on my "to get list". But seeing as the price tag for the Clarisonic is upwards of $200 depending on where you go, it was always put off. I would always play with the display in Sephora and secretly wonder how my skin would transform if I had this beauty in my possession. It was probably a month ago I saw in ad in a magazine for the new Olay Cleansing System. I became so excited because it looked so much like the Clarisonic but obviously since this is a drugstore brand, it would be significantly cheaper! At the first chance I got, I started searching drugstores for this item. It took me a while to find it but about a week and a half I finally found it! I have never used a Clarisonic so my opinion is clearly biased. The Olay Cleansing System is absolutely amazing. Now, I already had very clear skin with a even skin tone. But I tend to have medium sized pores around my nose and I have problems with some dry patches that exfoliating never seems to get rid of. In just a few days I can honestly say this product deep cleans my skin like I have never felt before. I use it with a deep cleaning Neutrogena exfoliating wash and I use this product for about 3 or 4 mins in the shower (its water safe!) and it brightens up my skin, shrinks my pores and makes my skin so baby soft and clear! It has also slightly lightened up a small scar I have on my cheekbone from about a year ago.I highly recommend this for anyone looking into purchasing The Clarisonic. Like I said, I have never used a Clarisonic but the amazing results I have gotten from this Olay product is definitely worth checking out! The Olay Cleansing System is around $30. Go check it out!

A New Cheaper Version of Clarisonic????

Orange You Glad I'm Posting This??????????

So, today post is going to be all about ORANGE! 
So, I have always loved the color orange. But mainly I have always focused it in my clothes,jewelry or nail polish selections. I had never thought to put it on my face. Now, I am quite a fan of orange eyeshadows (if done right), but I hardly ever wear any shadow as it is so I am not the person to experiment with it. I would probably end up looking clownish. But I am definately loving orange lipsticks and orange blush colors! For my skin tone, darker "burnt" oranges look best. I am not confident enough to test out neons or super pale orange! As far as orange blush goes, I also like medium to dark color oranges. Just me personally though. Cosmetic companies make a whole slew of orange shades in blush and lipsticks. I encourage you to try this out! Especially with summer quickly approaching I think this look is so beautiful! Here are some pictures of models wearing orange colored cheeks and lips. At the bottom, I gave you two pictures of my favorite way to way orange makeup. At the top is my personal collection of orange/coral blushes which I plan on expanding on in the future! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BLOG SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added New Items!!!!!!

Rules of my blog sale!!!

*First to to pay gets item. Items must be sold through paypal unless I have set up an alternate arraignment with you. If you want something please comment with the brand name, color, and the price. Will only ship to USA CAN,and UK. Shipping is 4$ to CAN and USA (as it is shipping from Hawaii), plus .50 cents for every extra item.I will calculate shipping for UK customers after you have purchased.  Blog Sale will end on March 17th. Once I invoice you through paypal, you have 8hrs from org. invoice time to pay or item goes back up for sale. 
*All makeup items have never been used, only swatched. But I will steralize. 
*Jewelry has never been worn, still in packaging
*Shoes worn once
*Nail polish never used, never swatched. 
*Please make sure you include your name, and valid paypal email for me to invoice in your comment. Upon payment, I will ask for your shipping address. All items purchased this week will be sent off on Friday. 
Betsey Johnson gold/wht fish pearl earrings $13. Betsey Johnson skull w/ pink bow ring sz.7 $15

Bare Minerals: $5 Warmth face bronzer,eyeshadows $3.50/ea (top) antique pearl ,(bottom) vanilla sugar
ELF Cream Blush, Cream Contour $3.50  L to R (Flirt, Temptress)
Benefit: $9/ea Creaseless cream eyeshadows L to R (Platinum and Smut). Benefit creamy mini eyeliners Blinged,Steel Her Date,Gem-n-Eye $8.50 for all 
Benefit: Powder Pop $10. Colors: Dandelion,Hoolah,Dallas 
(L to R) Stila Cheek Color mini pans in Hint and Bud $3.50/ea. MAC mineralized eyeshadow in Cinderfella limited edition $9.50 SOLD. Stila powder mini blush Peony $3. Tarte bronzer in Park Ave Princess $5. Smashbox "O" Glow gel blush $7SOLD. Sigma Foundation brush "F60" $8.
NYX glitter eye pencils $5 for all. Stila discontinued lip stick in color Carol Ann $4.

Nars Deep Throat blush 13$, Mac Pinch Me blush 12$, MAC Earth to Earth Mineralized blush 17$
MAC Ramblin Rose plus swatch $9
Lauren Luke palette. Only swatched. 14$
OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender $5
Mac Honey Flower 9$. Mac Viva Glam Cyndi SOLD, Nars Moon Fleet/Indian Red 8$, Urban Decay Sellout and  Indescent
Swatches of Urban Decay Sellout and Indescent lipsticks (above)
Benefit Creaseless Cream Plum-ing for Gold  $9, NYX blush "Mocha" $4.50

All polish L to R:4$    Zoya: Astra,Creamy,Gabrielle/OPI:San Tan Tonio (sold)/China Glaze:Platinum Silver,Magical,Orange Knockout,Robotika
Bebe Heels Sz 8. Worn once. 15$