Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Experiment with Biotin and Coconut Oil

Biotin is a vitamin that promotes healthy, strong hair and healthy strong nails. It also promotes hair and nail growth. I will be taking 2,500-5,000 mgs a day for the next few months. I got Biotin pills at GNC for a reasonable price. In addition I will continue taking my prenatals (not for pregnancy but for strong hair and nails). 

I also recently bought Coconut Oil at a Health Food store here. The benefits from Coconut oil are insane! It makes hair so so so so soft and manageable! My hair easily breaks because having such curly hair is dries out easily. Using coconut oil and argan oil together is like a dream for my hair! It blow dries so straight, conceals split ends and my straightener glides right through because it is so freaking soft! 

My goal here is get the healthiest, longest, strongest hair possible. Without any of these remedies, my hair grows faster than the average persons. My hair grows about 3/4inch to 1inch every 4-5 weeks. Pretty fast. But since the ends are dry and break off, it typically appears the same length. I am hoping after using these products my hair will grow 1 1/2 inch a month now. (yes, kinda of a stretch!) LOL. But I can dream, right!? I will update every 4 weeks on my blog as to the results I am getting. I will measure how long my hair is on the 1st of every month. Hoping this works for me so that I can give the green light to all you ladies trying to grow your hair out! 

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