Friday, February 11, 2011

Cute, easy Valentines Day cuppy cakes!

What you will need: red fruit rolls ups, frosting, cupcake mix, green fruit rollups or green fruit by the foot. Make cupcakes any flavor you want, make them as normal, leave to sit and cool off. 

Cut your red fruit rolls ups into small "petals", cutting them into circles or crescents works great too. I would say do 4 or 5 petals for every cupcake, decide on how many cupcakes you want roses on. Cut as many red fruit roll ups into petal shapes as you need. 

This is quite easy. Roll the first petal tightly, then continue to add on petals wrapping them around each other. I only used 5 petals to make this rose. VERY EASY!

This is what they should look like finished. 

Take scissors and cut the base of the rose off. Making it easier to lay on top of the cupcake. 

Frost cupcakes however you wish, I used white icing and put some edible pearls on top as well. Cut small triangles out of your green fruit roll up, place on cupcake then add the rose bud! You can push down on the top of the rose to "fan out" the petals making look a little more realistic!

I give this an easy Thumbs Up!!! I also decorated other cupcakes using pink icing into small flowers with edible pearls on top.  These rose cupcakes are so so so easy! Happy Valentines Day everyone! Enjoy! Let me know if you try these out!

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  1. Those are soooo cute! I want to try them! I like the thumbs up lol