Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jori's favorites of 2010!

These are my obsessions and favorite things from 2010. Mostly Beauty but also other things. No specific order and its kinda all over the place. I have done this 4 times with it randomly getting deleted EVERY time so sorry this post is kinda jumbled together. Hope you enjoy! I tried to make sure I had a good mix or drugstore and higher end products! If you have any questions let me know! Hopefully this week I will post my compiled list of good higher end dupes. Like for example a good duplicate for Urban Decay Primer potion thats almost 20$ is the ELF lid primer which is only 1$!!!!! If you guys want I can also do some good duplicates of some of these products I have listed....I have VERY similar things to these products that are extremely cheap!!!  Have a great night my lovlies! 


Foundation: MAC pressed foundation shade C4   $29.50

  Brushes: Sigma complete brush kit (sigma.com) They are duplicates of the MAC high end brushes.   $79.99 for 12 brushes

  High End Highlight Powder: MAC MSF Soft and Gentle   $28.00

  Remover: Sonia Kashuk (Target)  $9.00

 Perfume: American Eagle Seventy Seven for Women  (Americaneagle.com)      $19.99

  Hard to get ahold of eyeliner: Avon Super Shock liners (avon.com)     varying prices depending on sales but roughly around $4.00-7.00

Bright Lipstick: Rimmel Moisture Cherrylicious   (drugstores)   $7.00

 Eyeshadows/Primers: Benefit Creaseless Creams (sephora)  $19.00    but you can get mini pots on Ebay to try out for around $6.00-9.00

  High End Blush: MAC Earth to Earth (Ebay)   This product is discontinued so on Ebay it was $15.00

Hair Product: ENJOY hair oil.....or Argon oil.    (salons or beauty supply stores) $32.00

Face Product: Boots Instant Matte Liquid (Target)  $6.75

 Mascara: Eyeko Big Eyes (eyeko.com)     $13.00

 Moisturizer: Eyeko 3 in 1 Extra Glow (eyeko.com)    $13.00

 Concealer: Hard Candy Glamoflauge (Walmart)   $6.50

 Blush: Hard Candy Blushes (Walmart)    $6.50
 Setting Powder: MUFE HD Translucent (sephora)    $30.00 but I got mine in a pack of this powder, a mascara and eyeliner from sephora for about $39.00. 
 Eyeshadow: UD Naked (sephora)   $48.00 or on Ulta.com for $35.00

 Eye Primers: NYX Jumbo Pencils (drugstores)   $4.50 at drugstores
   Nail Polish: OPI "Have You Seen My Limo?"   (Ebay)  $5.00

Primer: Perfekt Gel Prime (sephora)     $17.00

 Eyeshadow: Hard Candy Meteorite Shadows (Walmart)  $6.50/each
 Eyeliners: HIP Chrome (drugstores) depends on where you go but typically $5.00-9.00
 Nude Lipstick: MAC Jubilee (Ebay)    Also discontinued at MAC but was only $11.00 on Ebay a good dupe for this that is a permanent color at MAC is "Hug Me" which retails for $14.00

Bath and Body works Candle in Barlett Pear (b&bw.com) $19.99

Favorite Purse Size Perfume: CKin2U Her (ebay) $8.00

Favorite Body Mist: Hollister body sprays $10.00

Favorite clothing: Sundresses!!!!! I have worn a sundress everyday here for 365 days straight! (no joke) You wont catch me in anything but a sundress! :)

Favorite hairstyles of 2010: Topknots (above) so freaking quick and easy and adorable! Also soft waves like Julia Roberts has. I have recently fallen in love with curling wands and I adore this look they give. So much prettier then tight clamped crunchy curls.  

Hair Color Envy of 2010: (above) UK's popstar Cheryl Cole. This red color is to die for and I cant wait to make mine this color soon! I pretty much have body, hair, skin and face envy of this girl. Shes beyond gorgeous!And has an Irish accent! Ugh....why not me God, why not me? LOL

Favorite Movie of 2010: By far Sex and the City 2. I started watching the seasons when I was 18 and became obsessed instantly. I feel like SATC brings back so many good memories from my young adulthood. 

                                   Misc Things:

CD: Taylor Swift Speak Now
TV Show: The Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars
Book: The Hunger Games Trilogy

Other Loves: UK magazines, UK youtube beauty gurus, UK beauty blogs, Temptalia.com, Beautylish.com, Ebay, LUSH, and my new puppy Ruby:)