Monday, January 24, 2011

Favorite Discount Beauty Product/Clothes Websites

So I am aware I have been posting new blog posts like a mad woman! I promise I will not be posting every single day! But tonight while I was surfing online checking out my favorite Beauty Product websites I instantly thought..."OMG you guys need to know about these!" Over the past few months I have found tons of discount beauty websites and for those of you girlies who adore high end cosmetics but hate the price then these websites are most defiantly for you!

#1) Cheapsmells.com (I know the name makes the website sound a little, well cheap/tacky. BUT I promise you this site is legit and they sell discounted high end products! Not only fragrance but skin care, hair care, makeup! I have bought makeup brands such as MAC, Benefit, Stila, Urban Decay, Dior. Plus they have tons of high end perfumes and hair products totally cheap! Not sure how they get these products, but really when high end products are 75% off who really cares how they get it? LOL. Recently I purchased an Urban Decay lipstick that retails for $22.00 for only $7.99!!! Insane! Their inventory is constantly changing so my advice would be if you see something you like and its dirt cheap....don't hesitate! Just buy it! Shipping costs are extremely reasonable too! When you go on the site in the right hand corner make sure you click the American Flag so you can see prices in dollars not euros or pounds :)

#2) Hautelook.com     This site is pretty much like an online Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshalls. Except everything is designer. Everyday they have different brands on sale. Ranging from 7 Jeans, Joe's Jeans, home decor, Rock and Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar Blandi, ect. Its an amazing site and you can find some awesome deals. Like Joe's Jeans that retail for close to $200.00 on sale for like $55.00. You just gotta check everyday to see what sales are going on. Kinda tedious....but worth it! ps: If you register on hautelook.com and refer your friends, if your friends purchase anything by your recommendation you get $10 in Hautelook dollars to use towards anything you want on the site. Example:  if you refer 5 friends you get 50 Hautelook dollars! pretty awesome!!!!

#3) Ruelala.com      Almost exactly like Hautelook.com just with different designers/brands. 

#4) Ebay.com      I am serious guys....if you are interested in buying something that maybe these other sites don't have consider looking on Ebay. I have gotten tons of MAC discontinued items for a fraction of what retail is! And its brand new! OPI and China Glaze nail polishes are so cheap on Ebay. And if you don't mind gently worn things you can find designer shoes/jeans at a great price! I found a pair of brand new 7 jeans for $40.00!    Also, if you have things you don't want/haven't worn or opened put it on Ebay! Quick and easy way to get rid of it and make money!

#5) Lastly is allcosmeticswholesale.com      This site is similar to cheapsmells.com. Except on this site they have tons of discontinued cosmetics. So lets say you love a blush from Benefit or MAC but they stopped making it, you can most likely find it on this website. Another thing I love is they do small "samples". Like I love MAC eyeshadow pigments but they are so big and come with so much product and are so expensive for something I will only use maybe a few times a year, so this website does small sample sizes for about 70% off what the full size cost would be! Its a great way to try products without committing to the full size.

HOPE THIS IS HELPFUL GUYS!  As I find new, exciting, dirt cheap, legit websites I will continue to update you! 

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  1. I went to Ruelala and you have to be invited by a member or it won't let you in at all. Otherwise you register your email and they will notify you when "space is available"